Motor Girl

Motor Girl

Cover to issue #1, art by Terry Moore

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Abstract Studios




Publication date
November 2016

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Creative team

Terry Moore

Terry Moore

Motor Girl is an ongoing American comic book series created by Terry Moore and published through Abstract Studios. Moore had been developing the concept since at least 2007, when he completed when he finished work on his series Echo.[1] When another creator told him they were already doing something with a similar premise, Moore chose to work on Rachel Rising instead and included some elements of the original Motor Girl character in a supporting character for that comic.[2] When Rachel Rising concluded in 2016, the other creator had not followed through with the idea, so Moore decided to do move forward with it.[2] The first issue was released on November 2, 2016.[3]
The concept developed from a sketch Moore made showing a female mechanic and a gorilla riding a motorcycle in the background.[4] The woman, Samantha, is a veteran who did three tours of duty. She is now a loner with great mechanic skills, operating a garage by herself.[4][5] She often talks to her imaginary friend, a six-foot tall gorilla. When a flying saucer crashes in her junkyard, she helps the aliens fix their ship. Word of her skills spreads and she is soon visited by more alien crafts in need of repairs.[5]
The first issue debuted to positive reviews, averaging 8.5/10 based on five critical reviews according to review aggregator Comic Book Roundup.[3] Multiple critics noted that the writing and art are unlike Moore’s previous works.[6][7] Writing for ComicWow, Huck Talwar said the issue was well paced.[8]

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